Take a Licking Keep on Ticking Ep8

Legendary ultra runner,race director and overall bad ass Mr. Steve Durbin joins Stephen on the show.

Durbin Race Management puts on some of the most unique and challenging races to be had. From the “Baby Barkley” 50K that gives you a taste of the Barkley Marathons to the super fast Tunnel Hill 50/100 and many other amazing running adventures.


We dive into what got Steve into this crazy addiction we all love and how he hasn’t let back surgery stop him from enjoying the lifestyle.


Stephen admits he asked Mr. Durbin on the show for selfish reasons as he plans on making the Tunnel Hill 50/100 his first 100 miler in 2017 and was looking for some tips and history of the race.

We find out about several records that have been set at The Tunnel Hill including Coree Woltering’s blazing fast 50 mile record this year. You can hear about Coree’s exciting run over at The Negative Splits Podcast EP19.


Mr. Durbin shares some valuable tips on running long distance such as fueling correctly, he recommends real food and Sword Energy Drink to keep the stomach in check. Most importantly though is your mental state, do you want to hurt for a little bit and achieve something amazing or quit and regret it for life?


I cannot overstate how much I enjoyed talking with Mr. Durbin and hopefully will be having him back on with another very special guest in the near future for a good old fashioned running B.S. session.


Andy will return on the next episode of The Heartland Running Podcast. I need to speak to him about priorities though. He seem to think taking care of his business Cloud’s Meats was more important than podcasting. (some people right?)


A special thank you goes out to The Ozark mountain Daredevils for allowing us to use their music on the show.


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