EP2: Food For Thought

Stephen and Andy are back at it again.  In this episode Stephen discusses his new Inov-8 Ultra 5 hydration vest and gives his first impression.  You can learn more about the vest at www.inov-8.com  . More to come on this vest as Stephen puts it to the test at the upcoming Hawk Trail Marathon in Kansas.

Andy fails miserably at dirt-bagging, but wins big with a new half marathon PR at the Nebraska State Fair Marathon.  Andy gives a race recap and does an in depth race review on this second year Midwestern race.  Is it worth traveling too?  Is it as flat as advertised?  These questions and more are answered.

The random subject generator selects a topic that creates a controversial topic to discuss.  Stephen and Andy dig deep to get to the “meat” of the topic.

To close the show Stephen gives the Runners Route Report and upcoming show topics are discussed.