E.R. or P.R. EP16

Matt Sorenson from the Runified Podcast joins us on the show.


Heartland Running and SWORD Performance Products have joined forces to help inspire everyone to #pushyourboundaries


Sitting in for Andy is Glenn Zdon from The Negative Splits Podcast


We get right into the reasons why Matt started the Runified Podcast and how the interviews affect him personally.


The boys switch gears and talk about their most memorable guest they have had on their shows


Stephen admits to having a rather embarrassing guilty pleasure song and Glenn is after a pair of those sweet Goodr shades.


We throw a shout out to Josh Sprague over at Orange Mud on the launch of their new podcast. The Orange Mud Adventure Channel


If you would like to be entered to win a pair of Goodr glasses, Matt will be giving away 3 pairs over the next two weeks. To enter head over to the Runified iTunes page and leave a review. You can get another entry by signing up for Runified’s email news letter.

If you would like to order a pair of Goodr glasses you can use discount code: runified2017 for a discount.


Speaking of discounts. SWORD is offering the Heartlanders 20% off their purchase. Use Discount Code: HEARTLANDRUNNER at checkout.


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