EP1: Welcome To The Heartland



In this first episode Stephen and Andy introduce themselves and where running has taken them up to this point.  They discuss the purpose of the podcast and what listeners can expect going forward.

In today’s “Gear Talk” the guys discuss hydration.  Stephen talks about hydration vests and Andy complains about his absolute hate for carrying water and why.

Focusing on Midwest running events, Stephen discusses his upcoming trail marathon in Kansas.  The Hawk Trail Marathon.  Andy explains about “dirt bagging” his next race the Nebraska State Fair Marathon, where he will be looking for a half Mary PR.  

On the “Runners Route”  Stephen goes running with the Trappist Monks…..what!?....and Andy talks rails-to-trails with the Ruby Jack Trail.  

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Special thanks goes out to The Ozark Mountain Daredevils for allowing the use of their music for the show.